Gillian Anderson gets groped by old man

October 10th, 2016 by J

When what you’re watching in the cinema gets boring and you find some hot chick’s huge breasts more entertaining simply because they’re screaming to be set free from a tight top, you go ahead and sit closer to this juicy wonder especially when the owner of those yummy juggs shows interest in getting her twins groped. American-British actress, Gillian Anderson, just happens to have such fetish and found her perfect groping buddy in this dirty old man. He rubs the side of his upper arm on Anderson’s side boob, feeling it nicely, the softness and roundness as his cock gets hard inside his pants.

Gillian Anderson enjoys getting groped by older man

Anderson didn’t think twice about letting the old man do more than just rub himself on her tits as this got her so horny already. She ends up letting him squeeze her big and tender titties while losing focus on the boring film in front of them. They were breathing heavily now but struggling to lose control as the other people around them would catch them getting nasty in their seats. They kept to themselves, pleasuring each other until the end of the movie. Guess they both left with wet crotches.

Naked Gillian getting banged by horny BBC

May 29th, 2016 by J

So you think that an animal and women’s rights advocate, someone who’s so busy with charity works and the like have no real fun life, huh? Gillian Anderson might just get you to bite that tongue and rethink your thoughts. While she’s all working on projects and showing the world how much of a committed human being she is for making this world a better place, she’s also brewing something more energy-draining behind the public’s eye. All these humanitarian organizations keep her busy but she still has time for herself and some of the wild ‘friends’ she met in those projects. Of course everyone has to have that certain balance, which would keep them sane but definitely release their craziness once the ‘me time’ is shared with someone who has the same amount of kink in them. Yes, I am talking about naughty stuff and we got one example that will blow your mind. There is no turning back on how prim and proper you knew Gillian Anderson to be when you watch this but it’s not really a bad thing. We’ll simply let you in her other world that’s yet to make you her fan more than ever. Turns out she’s got a lot of energy for all things naughty and she likes it black, you know, just like her coffee. Black cocks brings out the bitch from deep inside her, wakes her soul up like no other. She does have some wild ways of licking and sucking a BBC and this makes the jock so fired up and would give her a rough ride to reward her for her good job. See? She’s not an inch of a bore and she knows how to bend over and have fun.

Gillian Anderson gets sprayed with jizz by horny BBC

Gillian Anderson Raunchy Naked Pictures

August 17th, 2010 by gil

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Prepare to be blown away by Gillian Anderson’s very own X-File of XXX-rated photographs! For this post, Gillian Anderson Nude takes another step further with these fully-naked and explicit images of your favorite television actress. This brainy bombshell, who plays FBI agent Dana Scully in television’s The X-Files, has been labeled as a chilly “ice queen” by the media. Well, these raunchy photos of Gillian will prove that she is definitely a hottie!

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These nude photos showing her whole body with nothing to hide proves that Gillian is smoldering with hotness. Look at some samples below to get you a good look at her sweet pussy and perky boobs! Admire her smooth nakedness and hot body all you want. Now that you have satisfied yourself, it’s time to move to other pictures of this hot celebrity. To see more naked photos of this hot actress, just check out Gillian Anderson Nude.

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Gillian Anderson Loves Foot Jobs

April 20th, 2010 by gil

A lot of the X-Files fans are truly engaged in Gillian Anderson‘s character in the hit tv series. Yes, she is tough. True, she is calm and collected that it’s not surprising that fans are putting her in a pedestal as a female authoritative figure who can give an answer to the celestial wonders that’s been bugging their hungry minds. It helps that she is hot. But what we don’t know is the real truth behind the Dana Scully we see onscreen. See, if you guys only knew what really goes behind the scenes you will be appalled.

I am a self-confessed obsessed Dana Cully fanatic.  But ever since I’ve learned about her true persona I started stalking that other side and here I will tell you why. I have been stalking her for months now and I’m always just around the corner in every moment of her waking day.  It’s a wonder what extreme patience, a bottle of jack and a special kind of pill can do. I must say it took me awhile to come up with the perfect disguise to make her warm up to me. Finally, all it took was a man in a military uniform. I found out that her dad was once a high ranker in the navy so that did the trick. She had high respect for military men. So while eating dinner alone at a bistro, I came up to her and introduced myself as the son of her dad’s best friend who was once in the navy. Things started from there and that was my cue to slip the pill in the glass of Jack she was drinking. After a while, she said she wanted to go home so I took her in a cab and in a matter of minutes she passed out. Next thing she knew she was awakened by the sound of her gagging over my thick cock while I throat fucked her. Respect this, bitch.  Oh boy did she love it. She enjoyed everything I did to her that night including the hot load of cum I sprayed all over her juicy tits and I know this may sound as a surprise to all of you but I’m going to share a little secret about her. She is crazy about foot jobs. Just ask David Duchovny.

Gillian Anderson A Sex Addict Like Duchovny Too?

September 30th, 2008 by gil

It was totally kick ass seeing Mulder and Scully together again, in the recent X-Files movie.  How many of you were surprised or elated at seeing them in bed together after it seemed like they were just close friends as usual?  And boy, was Gillian Anderson still smoking hot in that repressed-intellectual-with-a-dirty-slut-deep-inside sort of way or what?  That’s a role she plays so well, but it’s only a role though, and one that’s essayed by a very talented actress.  Because in real life, Gillian simply isn’t as serious or seemingly frigid as her onscreen alter-ego.

In fact, she’s more like David Duchovny — because just like him, she’s probably a sex addict!  She doesn’t need to enter rehab for her addiction tough, because she’s enjoying herself to the hilt (of the cocks she’s fucking), as you can see in these pictures.  Check out Gillian Anderson in these dirty group sex photos and you can easily see that she’s having a great time, without all the angst Duchovny seems to have.  Well, that’s the difference between Mulder and Scully again right there, only reversed.  Boy, if only they came out with these revelations before, we could’ve had some very interesting anal probe storylines during the height of X-Files mania.

There wouldn’t have been any need to make the XXX-Files porn film then, right?  Or maybe it could’ve really starred Duchovny and Anderson!  If you think that’s too farfetched, why don’t you check out the naughty things Gillian Anderson has been up to lately, here on this site?  And you might even see David Duchovny there too…

Gillian Anderson’s Oral Sex Prowess On Display

August 8th, 2008 by gil

You’d never think Gillian Anderson could do something so dirty, but here she is, hoovering her way through a variety of cocks, swallowing them down easily, no matter how big they are.  It looks like she’s someone who really enjoys eating dick, and it also looks like she’s real good at it too, if you go by that image of her drenched in the sticky results of her oral attentions.

Another hot thing about her is that she’s got nice boobies, which means that not only can she give a nice, wet blowjob, she can take your cock for a ride between her twin torpedoes and give you a great titty fuck!  This is one hot dame, and if you’re here with us, you know it as well!  And here’s another thing to think about — if she’s so good with her mouth, imagine how good she can make you feel with her pussy

Gillian Anderson nude and getting down and dirty is available for everyone to enjoy when they check out that link I posted back there.  So what are you waiting for?

Gillian Anderson Makes A Great Dominatrix

August 8th, 2008 by gil

With her cool and cerebral role as Dana Scully, it isn’t hard for Gillian Anderson to stretch that persona and become cold and calculating, all the while still maintaining her sex appeal.  That must be why she’s taken up bondage and S&M as a hobby, and she’s very, very good at it.  Just look at her in some leather bondage gear, and you’ll have to agree, she looks smokin’ hot wearing that kind of stuff!  And she doesn’t only look good in it, she’s great at giving orders and training her submissives while dressed up nice and sexy like that.

Check out that shot with a female slave and look at the confidence on her face as she trains that weak slut to lick her pussy.  She receives a lot of oral pleasure this way, but isn’t shy about giving it too, we heard.  So there’s still a heart of gold underneath that dominatrix exterior, it seems.  Well, that’s probably part of why all her slaves love her so much!

And if you love Gillian Anderson too, especially when she’s being a dirty slut like in here, then check out this site, for lots more dirty Dana Scully fantasies!

Gillian Anderson Gets Naked For The Camera

August 8th, 2008 by gil

Let’s face it, Gillian Anderson will always be known as Dana Scully to a great majority of the people who know her.  That is one of the greatest characters ever created for television, and she may have been typecast as the cold and analytical government type, seeing how her transition to the big screen hasn’t set the world on fire, although she has gotten good reviews for her performances in the films she’s done, like “The Mighty”.  But we think she ought to do something really extreme to break free from her FBI Agent past, and it looks like that’s what she’s doing here, in this series of photos.

These aren’t something you’d ever think of associating with Agent Dana Scully, would you?  Seeing Gillian Anderson naked like that, spreading her legs for the camera and showing off her pussy is a cock-hardening sight no one ever thought they’d witness.  But that’s exactly what she should do to broaden her horizons, don’t you think?  Besides, this just might be a true inner transformation for her, from cerebral actress to hot porn star!  Now that’s something worth wishing for, and definitely something all X-philes or XXX-philes can enjoy!

See more of Gillian Anderson stretching the envelope by showing her snatch when you click on this link!