Gillian Anderson Nude

At first glance, Gillian Anderson isn’t that type of girl you’d be getting an erection all the time for, and that’s what Fox thought at first, when they were casting the part of Dana Scully for a new series in 1993 to be called “The X Files“.  They wanted an actress with previous TV exposure and more sex appeal to get the role, but luckily, series creator Chris Carter wanted her for the part, and stood by her, and the rest is not just TV, but pop culture history.  And part of the reason turned out to be Gillian Anderson’s sex appeal after all, culminating in being voted the “Sexiest Woman in the World” for FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women poll of 1996.

Her sex appeal doesn’t come from an overtly carnal place, her restraint and coolness is what makes her hot, like the way an S&M dominatrix might excite her submissive partner.  At least that’s how I see it!  Seeing Gillian Anderson nude is hot, but watching her on “The X Files” and seeing the sexual tension between Dana Scully and Fox Mulder build up was far sexier than any porn scene.  That concept too over the top for you?  No problem, we can all agree anyway that Gillian Anderson is easy on the eyes, even if she’s usually wearing business suits instead of bikinis in her role as the world’s sexiest FBI Agent of the 1990s.

So if you’re hot for this cool and cerebral actress, check out Gillian Anderson Nude.  You’ll be surprised, and delighted, by the discoveries you’ll make there.  Under the cool, calm exterior of this London-raised theater actress lies a slut that’s hot to trot, and isn’t afraid to get as down and dirty as she can!  But then isn’t that the root of our desire for Gillian?  We admire her strong character and her brains and talent, but that’s because we’re waiting for her repressed sexual urges to come out in an explosion of carnal heat one day.  That’s what we want to see from Dana Scully on TV, and that’s what we see from Gillian Anderson in the pages of that kinky website.