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Gillian Anderson Loves Foot Jobs

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

A lot of the X-Files fans are truly engaged in Gillian Anderson‘s character in the hit tv series. Yes, she is tough. True, she is calm and collected that it’s not surprising that fans are putting her in a pedestal as a female authoritative figure who can give an answer to the celestial wonders that’s been bugging their hungry minds. It helps that she is hot. But what we don’t know is the real truth behind the Dana Scully we see onscreen. See, if you guys only knew what really goes behind the scenes you will be appalled.

I am a self-confessed obsessed Dana Cully fanatic.  But ever since I’ve learned about her true persona I started stalking that other side and here I will tell you why. I have been stalking her for months now and I’m always just around the corner in every moment of her waking day.  It’s a wonder what extreme patience, a bottle of jack and a special kind of pill can do. I must say it took me awhile to come up with the perfect disguise to make her warm up to me. Finally, all it took was a man in a military uniform. I found out that her dad was once a high ranker in the navy so that did the trick. She had high respect for military men. So while eating dinner alone at a bistro, I came up to her and introduced myself as the son of her dad’s best friend who was once in the navy. Things started from there and that was my cue to slip the pill in the glass of Jack she was drinking. After a while, she said she wanted to go home so I took her in a cab and in a matter of minutes she passed out. Next thing she knew she was awakened by the sound of her gagging over my thick cock while I throat fucked her. Respect this, bitch.  Oh boy did she love it. She enjoyed everything I did to her that night including the hot load of cum I sprayed all over her juicy tits and I know this may sound as a surprise to all of you but I’m going to share a little secret about her. She is crazy about foot jobs. Just ask David Duchovny.